22 marzo 2013

Density | Deborah Ligorio our "GUEST ART + TRAVEL"

I have to decide what to put in my case for the next flight, many light things or just a few heavy ones, just a matter of density.
I turn and start to feel claustrophobic, how many people will be in the airport, and I have to be there two hours early.
I look down and I think that I’m flying to Australia, only 13 people per square kilometer, but I’m passing over Asia, 354 people per square kilometer.
Numbers, minds, mouths to feed, hearts, cultures, brains, tongues.
I look ahead at the cockpit. I guess pilots must wonder about air density.

from Voice Over

Art Credits Deborah Ligorio with Luca Cerizza - Geoff Garrison - Cristina Ligorio - Francesca Minini - Riccardo Previdi

- ART +TRAVEL, when art meets travel -

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